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Copyright Registration in India

Copyright arebundle of rights provided to an author of the work. All literary, musical, dramatic, and artistic work, and also cinematographic films and sound recordings are protected under copyright. Copyright comes into existence as soon as work is created, but it is always advisable to get a copyright registration to protect one's original piece of creative work.

Advantages of Copyright Registration?

Legal Protection

The creators or owners of original work can always protect their work through copyright registration. It helps them against infringement.

Market Presence

With copyright registration, your creative work is gets promoted among mass in a single go. It can be easily used for publicising or for marketing in the mind of the customer.

Rights of the Owner

Rights over dissemination, translation, reproduction and adaptation of work have been fully assigned to the creator of work.


Copyright registration helps you in protecting your unique work and will act as an evidence in the court of law over ownership of the work.

Restricts Unauthorised Reproduction

It restricts to produce duplicity of the unique work and give more preference to the owner of work.

Creation of Asset

It generates an intellectual property. Registered copyrights can be sold, commercially contracted or franchised with the prior permission of the owner.

Branding or Goodwill

As it is always said, branding plays an important role in promoting your work. So, Copyright registration can even help you to create a sense of goodwill and quality in the minds of your customer.

Global Protection

India allows or provides privilege to the work which copyrighted in many other countries and vice-versa. Copyright registration in India is accorded protection in many other countries.

Makes Work Known

People come to know about registered work easily and it is easily searchable on many platforms with the registered database.


Documentation and Preparation

With respect to the Copyright the first step is to prepare necessary documents for the purpose of filing it before the copyright department. These documents are copyright questionnaire, class and description of the work and NOC from the author of the copyright material.

Copyright Application Filing

We file copyright application upon being authorised through a Power of Attorney issued in our name. The application is filed online through the portal of copyright attorney wherein the details of copyright and its description is filed in appropriate form and is a fees is paid resulting in issuance of acknowledgement.

Physical Document Submission

Within 30 days of filing the copyright application two sets of the work is to be deposited in physical form at the Delhi office of the Copyright department, which issues proper acknowledgement of the same.

Copyright Examination

if no objection is filed within the said period, the application is then formally examined and objections by the Examiner, if any are raised, or any extra documents required are requested for. Response to the objection/examination report has to be filed within 30 days

Departmental Objection Handling

The final stage is to reply and redress any departmental objection raised by the copyright department. If department is satisfied then issued a certificate of registration of copyright which is valid for a period of 60 years.

Copyright Registration

A Copyright registration certificate is issued by the Copyright Office after the objections, if any, are overcome to the satisfaction of the Copyright Office.



Rs. 12899/-

All inclusive Fees

Copyright registration for logos, books, periodicals and magazines.


Rs. 14899/-

All inclusive Fees

Copyright registration for videos, audio recording and cinematography films.


Rs. 18899/-

All inclusive Fees

Copyright registration for logos, books, periodicals, magazines,videos, audio recording, cinematography films with trademark registration.